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Was Rousey Prepared To Fight?

I’ve been thinking about writing this kind of post for a while and the UFC 193 event this past weekend turned up the heat and I decided to write about it.

By now you know, Ronda Rousey got beat by Holly Holm, but that’s not what I’m going to discuss today.

After the fight, all kinds of people came out and said stuff like “Ronda was too Hollywood and didn’t prepare well”, “Rousey didn’t take the fight seriously”, “She didn’t think anyone could beat her”….and so on.

My first reaction to this comments is Huh?  Really?  She’s the f’n champion and you think she wasn’t prepared for the fight?  This isn’t Rocky vs. Clubber here, this is real life!

I’ll give you that her game plan wasn’t as good as it should have been, but not being prepared?

Whether it be male or female, when it’s at the top level in the world at any sport, you can bet the champion will be prepared to defend.  Why?  Because that’s what champions do, they prepare!  Whatever you think of her trainer, he was putting her through the workouts, studying the films, doing what he felt needed to be done to get his fighter in the best possible shape she could be….period!

Sure she made movies.  Sure was on on talk shows.  Sure she was being interviewed every other day.  Sure she did this and that…..SHE WAS CHAMPION!  That stuff comes with the territory!  I truly believe if any of that took away from her training, she would have said “sorry, I’m training for my fight.  We’ll talk after the fight is over.”

In my opinion, was Ronda ready to defend her title?  Yes she was.
Did Rhonda do the work that was necessary to fight Holly?  Yes she did.

But, Holly had a completely different skill set than others, so preparing for that set of skills was the question at hand.

Yes, Holly made Ronda chase her around the ring, which I believe was something Ronda shouldn’t have done.  During this fight, it was obvious to me that Holly was MUCH faster than Ronda.  But it was also apparent that Holly wanted no part of Ronda on the ground.

For however it came to play, Ronda was playing Holly’s game, not the other way around.  Holly found the opening, utilized what she does best, and became champion.

But for people to say Ronda wasn’t prepared because she let success get to her head, or she was over confident, or too much Hollywood is total bullshit in my opinion.

For that night, Holly executed her game play better than Ronda executed hers.

I’m not saying one is a better fighter than the other, I’m just talking about being prepared for this one particular fight.  I feel both ladies were prepared, but only one can emerge as champion, and that’s what happen.

P90X3 Review: Week 10

Well, I messed up.  I mixed up with 10 and week 11.  So, what I did this week was what I should have done NEXT week.  Sorry about that, but in the grand scheme of things, I’m still working out!

This week was a repeat of last week.   I won’t go into details on every workout, but I will say that DECELERATOR workout is KILLER!  In other words, I ROCKS!  I was able to do more this week as I didn’t have to figure out what the heck was going on as much.   Oh sure, I’m still figuring out the different moves, but I’m getting used to doing that now.  This workout is a full body deal which your full body will feel!


The Challenge workout was this week as well. gotta love the strength stuff!

Until next time, Ciao!

P90X3 Review: Week 9

I was looking forward to this week as I feel I’m getting the hang of it.  I’m also noticing I’m sweating a LOT more than when I first started the X3 program.   Oh, and new workout was thrown in the mix… on to find out.

Decelerator – Right away, one would think this workout is the opposite of the “accelerator” workout. Nope, not at all. I really don’t know how to describe it as it does, as most of the workouts in X3 do, both resistance and constant movement (ie, cardio).   This was a brand new workout for my X3 journey, as it has never came up yet. So, with that being said, one the first go around I was pissed a Tony ……again! Mainly for the lack of explanation of the moves.   I’ll let it slide a bit for this one as watching the kids did give me a bit of a breather during the moves. This workout is a tough one. Pull ups, push up and leg work…..rapid fire the whole time. If you thought you could do push ups, Tony throws a version he calls “Crawly Plyo Push-Up”. This one requires strength AND balance.   This workout made me sweat!

Agility X – Go back and see the other weeks when I review this workout, it hasn’t changed.

The Challenge – Who needs weights when you have gravity and Mother Earth! This workout ROCKS!

X3 Yoga – You know, I’m getting more and more limber. I’ve got to say I’m actually looking forward to doing X3 yoga.

Triometrix – Again, not for the faint at heart.   Not so much fast paced, but constant movement and you WILL feel the burn!

Total Synergistics – I’m getting the hang of this one now. I’m no longer concentrating on the HOW, I’m concentrating on DOING IT!   I don’t need instruction on how to do it, so I can really rock this workout!

P90X Review: Week 8….Recovery

So, another week done on my P90X3 journey!   I’ll admit, I do see physical progress and I do feel better about my workouts, so something has to be working, right?  I’ll also admit, I am NOT following the nutrition plan, which is a HUGE no-no, so I don’t want to hear it from you, OK?   Here is my review of this week:

isometrix – Balance and hold type of moves.  If you think this is easy, NO WAY!   I talked about this workout earlier, so I won’t get into it again now.

dynamix – This workout felt really good today and I don’t know why.  Maybe my body really needed this stretching.  Was it relaxing?  Heck no!  I did sweat and I did feel good afterwards.

accelerator – Just as the previous two days were more of a “slower pace”, this workout is just the opposite!  You are working your butt off for the whole 30 mintues….no mercy with this workout baby!

pilates x – I gotta say, I really REALLY do NOT like this workout!  Sorry Tony, it just doesn’t do it for me.

cvx – Constant movement for 30 minutes….with weights!  I could only use a 20lbs dumbbell, which was just fine with me!  OUCH!

x3 yoga – OK, I’m actually looking forward to this workout now.  At first I didn’t like it, now I’m excited to be doing it.  Still not DDP Yoga, but I’ll take this 30 minute session!


P90X3 Review: Week 7

I’m really liking these set of workouts!  This is what I’ve been waiting for since I started X3

What I’m still puzzled about is the emphasis on the legs with the whole X3 program.  I could be wrong, but it seems their are more leg type of workouts than anything else, but it also could be just me.  Oh well, on to the review….

I think the toughest workout for me is the Triometrics. It’s a rapid pace workout with each move lasting 60 seconds with the intensity going up every 20 seconds.  Oh, and it’s mostly a leg workout as well.

The Eccentric Upper/Lower workouts are still tough.  They are intense because they are a slow burn type of workout.  By that I mean, you just don’t do the move and get it over with.  You actually go into the move with a slow 3 count and then explode out of the move, so it’s very controlled.  That’s something you don’t see in the gym very often, that’s for sure

X3 yoga…..I’m really starting to like it and I’m getting more and more limber too!

The Incinerator!  Upper body baby!  Chest, back, shoulders, arms!  This is a killer for just about anyone, I don’t care how big and bad you are.  Do this workout and try to keep up with Tony’s kids and you’ll see just how “bad” you really are!

P90X3 Review: Week 6

A repeat of last week, but bringing it with more intensity!  I gotta say, I’m really REALLY digging the simplicity of this program coupled with how intense it is.  For those of you who feel a 30 minute workout will not get the job done, I challenge you to do this X3!

This week I was feeling it in my legs.  Oh sure, my upper body was worked as well, but the legs had some good solid workouts.  Just body weight and mother earth is all it takes, believe me!

X3 yoga is starting to grow on me.  Just to be clear, it will NEVER take the place of my beloved DDP Yoga, but it’s a good 3o minute workout.  I still can’t believe how I’m not able to stretch as much as I feel I should, but oh well, I’m not in competition with anyone.  Just as DDP says, it’s YOUR workout!  (I know X3 is Tony’s workout, but I like to take things from everyone)

MMX:  This is the mixed martial arts workout program.   I gotta admit, those sprawls just kill me!  For those that don’t know, a sprawl (at least my version) is basically jumping down into a plank position with your legs spread, bring your pelvis down and your head up, then jump back up.   I will also admit, I cannot keep up with Tony and the kids, but I do what I can, which is more and more each week.

Those Eccentric Upper/Lower workouts……OUCH!  Those will work you and you WILL feel the DOMS the next day!

I’m actually looking forward to another week of these workouts!


P90X3 Review: Week 5

After the “Recovery Week”, I had no idea what to expect from week 5.  After completing this week, I really REALLY liked it!  This was more in my wheelhouse as I got to actually use my dumbbells to workout out!  Let me detail each workout as I’ve been doing.

“Eccentric Upper” – The easiest way to describe what “eccentric” means without getting too technical is, basically, in workout terms, negatives.   This is a 30 minutes workout that focuses exclusively on the upper body and negative resistance.  Holy Moly!  This workout will do it to you! Chest, Back and Arms…..Chest, Back and Arms……OUCH!  You’re muscles will be pumping and throbbing when this workout is over!  LOVED IT!

“Triometrics” – If you’ve ever heard of plyometrics, this workout takes it a step (or three) further.  Yes, this is a jumping type of workout, but with THREE different levels during each exercise.  Oh, and hardly any rest between exercises.  Yup, this one does the trick.

“x3 Yoga” – It’s getting better.

“Eccentric Lower” – There’s the word again, eccentric.  BUT, this time it was with the lower body.  Heck, my legs hadn’t recovered from the triometrics yet and now this workout?  I got two words to say….OOOUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!!

“Incinerator” – SuperSets baby!  Power packed upper body workout!  I was using my 20lbs dumbbells and believe me, I didn’t need more.  I was really feeling it with this workout.  Oh, I also got to use my pullup bar!  Yay me!  Oh, and you think you can’t get a good upper body workout done in a 30 minute time period, you’ve never attempted the “incinerator”!

“MMX” – This is a combat style workout, and lot of kicking and punching going on here.   I’m a HUGE fan of the workout program call “Body Combat” and I think Tony took a lot of ideas from Dan and Rachel (the instructors for Body Combat).  No weights with this workout.  30 minutes of constant moving, punching and kicking and yes, you will sweat and sweat good!  This does take a LOT of coordination and I’m sure it will take me a few times doing it to understand it all, but overall a good workout.  Oh, and just to keep it real, I was expecting it to be a lot more fun and exciting, I guess it’s because of the way Dan and Rachel produce their workouts, so I was a bit disappoint in that aspect, but still and overall good workout.

More to come!

P90X3 – Week 4 (Recovery Week)

This week marks the first “recovery” week of the P90X3 program.  However, I feel if one really focuses and takes this week seriously, there is no recovery going on as you WILL sweat!   There are also new workouts I’ll briefly talk about.   I actually enjoyed the week, overall.  So, here is my review.

“Isometrix” – Similar to X3 Yoga, but different at the same time. The premise of this workout is to stand, balance, stretch, bend and focus.  Now, Tony does say at the beginning, this workout brings the balance and coordination components out of Yoga, and he’s dead on with that one! Your balance will be challenged! Overall, I actually enjoyed this workout.

“Dynamics” – Basically, this is a stretching routine……with a lot of “umfff” added to it. Keep in mind, just because you aren’t moving around much doesn’t mean you won’t work and sweat. It was easier to follow than I thought it would be and the variations of the moved really helped. It’s a combination of lying on your back and standing up. Remember, this is 30 minutes of intense stretching and focus. Designed as a recovery workout, but in my book, far from recovery, but your muscles feel better afterwards.

“Accelerator” – I won’t keep harping on the fact of not a lot of coaching going on with these workouts, I think you get the point by now. The Accelerator routine is just that, it accelerates the heck out of your heart rate! OMG was this workout fast and hard hitting! I’m looking forward to when I can concentrate on the workout more so than what the moves are all about. Each move was 1 minute long with hardly any rest time between moves, which is fine, because…..well…..the 30 minute thing. Believe me, your quads will be on fire if done right and you’ll really feel that heart rate racing. Good workout!

“PilatesX” – I once did a pilates workout a few years ago and I hated it with a passion! After doing this PilatesX workout… mind has not changed one bit! Man did I struggle through this workout. It wasn’t strenuous, it was frustrating to me! Tony mentions that pilates is mostly about breathing, but I couldn’t tell (from lack of instruction….again) when to breathe in or breathe out. Oh, I’m sure there is a LOT more to it than the breathing, but I couldn’t get away from that aspect of this workout. Maybe after doing it a few times I’ll like it better.

“CVX” – Repeat of my previous weeks comments on this workout.

“X3 Yoga” – OK, I’ll admit, I’m starting to like this yoga routine more and more. That’s all I’ll say for now.

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P90X3 – Week 3

Week 3 is in the books.  I won’t go into another breakdown of each of the workouts, you got the picture from my other posts on Week 1 and Week 2.   I will tell you, however, is that this was was MUCH easier in terms of knowing how to do all the moves, which make the workouts much more affective, in my opinion.

I say much more affective because I felt myself pushing myself harder this week.  It’s not that I wasn’t pushing myself the first two weeks, but because of the fast pace of the workouts, and they being only 30 minutes, and me trying to follow the moves and exercises, it was more of a learning thing than and push it workout thing.

I did find myself sweating a LOT more this week!  Maybe because I’m in better shape now than when I started or, as I mentioned, I was able to push myself more.  Either way, those 30 minute workouts will really work you, that’s for sure!

I’m really digging this program!  After that first week, I didn’t know if I would or not, but that has changed and I’m growing to like it more and more.

Stay tuned for week 4 coming soon!