P90X Review: Week 8….Recovery

So, another week done on my P90X3 journey!   I’ll admit, I do see physical progress and I do feel better about my workouts, so something has to be working, right?  I’ll also admit, I am NOT following the nutrition plan, which is a HUGE no-no, so I don’t want to hear it from you, OK?   Here is my review of this week:

isometrix – Balance and hold type of moves.  If you think this is easy, NO WAY!   I talked about this workout earlier, so I won’t get into it again now.

dynamix – This workout felt really good today and I don’t know why.  Maybe my body really needed this stretching.  Was it relaxing?  Heck no!  I did sweat and I did feel good afterwards.

accelerator – Just as the previous two days were more of a “slower pace”, this workout is just the opposite!  You are working your butt off for the whole 30 mintues….no mercy with this workout baby!

pilates x – I gotta say, I really REALLY do NOT like this workout!  Sorry Tony, it just doesn’t do it for me.

cvx – Constant movement for 30 minutes….with weights!  I could only use a 20lbs dumbbell, which was just fine with me!  OUCH!

x3 yoga – OK, I’m actually looking forward to this workout now.  At first I didn’t like it, now I’m excited to be doing it.  Still not DDP Yoga, but I’ll take this 30 minute session!


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