P90X3 Review: Week 5

After the “Recovery Week”, I had no idea what to expect from week 5.  After completing this week, I really REALLY liked it!  This was more in my wheelhouse as I got to actually use my dumbbells to workout out!  Let me detail each workout as I’ve been doing.

“Eccentric Upper” – The easiest way to describe what “eccentric” means without getting too technical is, basically, in workout terms, negatives.   This is a 30 minutes workout that focuses exclusively on the upper body and negative resistance.  Holy Moly!  This workout will do it to you! Chest, Back and Arms…..Chest, Back and Arms……OUCH!  You’re muscles will be pumping and throbbing when this workout is over!  LOVED IT!

“Triometrics” – If you’ve ever heard of plyometrics, this workout takes it a step (or three) further.  Yes, this is a jumping type of workout, but with THREE different levels during each exercise.  Oh, and hardly any rest between exercises.  Yup, this one does the trick.

“x3 Yoga” – It’s getting better.

“Eccentric Lower” – There’s the word again, eccentric.  BUT, this time it was with the lower body.  Heck, my legs hadn’t recovered from the triometrics yet and now this workout?  I got two words to say….OOOUUUCCCCHHHHH!!!!

“Incinerator” – SuperSets baby!  Power packed upper body workout!  I was using my 20lbs dumbbells and believe me, I didn’t need more.  I was really feeling it with this workout.  Oh, I also got to use my pullup bar!  Yay me!  Oh, and you think you can’t get a good upper body workout done in a 30 minute time period, you’ve never attempted the “incinerator”!

“MMX” – This is a combat style workout, and lot of kicking and punching going on here.   I’m a HUGE fan of the workout program call “Body Combat” and I think Tony took a lot of ideas from Dan and Rachel (the instructors for Body Combat).  No weights with this workout.  30 minutes of constant moving, punching and kicking and yes, you will sweat and sweat good!  This does take a LOT of coordination and I’m sure it will take me a few times doing it to understand it all, but overall a good workout.  Oh, and just to keep it real, I was expecting it to be a lot more fun and exciting, I guess it’s because of the way Dan and Rachel produce their workouts, so I was a bit disappoint in that aspect, but still and overall good workout.

More to come!

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