P90X3 Review: Week 6

A repeat of last week, but bringing it with more intensity!  I gotta say, I’m really REALLY digging the simplicity of this program coupled with how intense it is.  For those of you who feel a 30 minute workout will not get the job done, I challenge you to do this X3!

This week I was feeling it in my legs.  Oh sure, my upper body was worked as well, but the legs had some good solid workouts.  Just body weight and mother earth is all it takes, believe me!

X3 yoga is starting to grow on me.  Just to be clear, it will NEVER take the place of my beloved DDP Yoga, but it’s a good 3o minute workout.  I still can’t believe how I’m not able to stretch as much as I feel I should, but oh well, I’m not in competition with anyone.  Just as DDP says, it’s YOUR workout!  (I know X3 is Tony’s workout, but I like to take things from everyone)

MMX:  This is the mixed martial arts workout program.   I gotta admit, those sprawls just kill me!  For those that don’t know, a sprawl (at least my version) is basically jumping down into a plank position with your legs spread, bring your pelvis down and your head up, then jump back up.   I will also admit, I cannot keep up with Tony and the kids, but I do what I can, which is more and more each week.

Those Eccentric Upper/Lower workouts……OUCH!  Those will work you and you WILL feel the DOMS the next day!

I’m actually looking forward to another week of these workouts!


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