P90X3 Review: Week 7

I’m really liking these set of workouts!  This is what I’ve been waiting for since I started X3

What I’m still puzzled about is the emphasis on the legs with the whole X3 program.  I could be wrong, but it seems their are more leg type of workouts than anything else, but it also could be just me.  Oh well, on to the review….

I think the toughest workout for me is the Triometrics. It’s a rapid pace workout with each move lasting 60 seconds with the intensity going up every 20 seconds.  Oh, and it’s mostly a leg workout as well.

The Eccentric Upper/Lower workouts are still tough.  They are intense because they are a slow burn type of workout.  By that I mean, you just don’t do the move and get it over with.  You actually go into the move with a slow 3 count and then explode out of the move, so it’s very controlled.  That’s something you don’t see in the gym very often, that’s for sure

X3 yoga…..I’m really starting to like it and I’m getting more and more limber too!

The Incinerator!  Upper body baby!  Chest, back, shoulders, arms!  This is a killer for just about anyone, I don’t care how big and bad you are.  Do this workout and try to keep up with Tony’s kids and you’ll see just how “bad” you really are!

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