P90X3 Review: Week 9

I was looking forward to this week as I feel I’m getting the hang of it.  I’m also noticing I’m sweating a LOT more than when I first started the X3 program.   Oh, and new workout was thrown in the mix…..read on to find out.

Decelerator – Right away, one would think this workout is the opposite of the “accelerator” workout. Nope, not at all. I really don’t know how to describe it as it does, as most of the workouts in X3 do, both resistance and constant movement (ie, cardio).   This was a brand new workout for my X3 journey, as it has never came up yet. So, with that being said, one the first go around I was pissed a Tony ……again! Mainly for the lack of explanation of the moves.   I’ll let it slide a bit for this one as watching the kids did give me a bit of a breather during the moves. This workout is a tough one. Pull ups, push up and leg work…..rapid fire the whole time. If you thought you could do push ups, Tony throws a version he calls “Crawly Plyo Push-Up”. This one requires strength AND balance.   This workout made me sweat!

Agility X – Go back and see the other weeks when I review this workout, it hasn’t changed.

The Challenge – Who needs weights when you have gravity and Mother Earth! This workout ROCKS!

X3 Yoga – You know, I’m getting more and more limber. I’ve got to say I’m actually looking forward to doing X3 yoga.

Triometrix – Again, not for the faint at heart.   Not so much fast paced, but constant movement and you WILL feel the burn!

Total Synergistics – I’m getting the hang of this one now. I’m no longer concentrating on the HOW, I’m concentrating on DOING IT!   I don’t need instruction on how to do it, so I can really rock this workout!

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