P90X3 – Week 3

Week 3 is in the books.  I won’t go into another breakdown of each of the workouts, you got the picture from my other posts on Week 1 and Week 2.   I will tell you, however, is that this was was MUCH easier in terms of knowing how to do all the moves, which make the workouts much more affective, in my opinion.

I say much more affective because I felt myself pushing myself harder this week.  It’s not that I wasn’t pushing myself the first two weeks, but because of the fast pace of the workouts, and they being only 30 minutes, and me trying to follow the moves and exercises, it was more of a learning thing than and push it workout thing.

I did find myself sweating a LOT more this week!  Maybe because I’m in better shape now than when I started or, as I mentioned, I was able to push myself more.  Either way, those 30 minute workouts will really work you, that’s for sure!

I’m really digging this program!  After that first week, I didn’t know if I would or not, but that has changed and I’m growing to like it more and more.

Stay tuned for week 4 coming soon!

One thought on “P90X3 – Week 3

  1. Coach Red

    That’s the trick for sure Drew. Once you KNOW a workout and can put your all into technique you will feel it much more. The learning phase usually involves stopping the play and practicing practicing. I think i will have to investigate this as well, as 20-30 minutes is what my workouts are these days, with short bursts of 5-10 mins of stairs several times a day. Since finding out that there is no point in spending a LOT of time on your workout, I don’t, haha. Didn’t have to twist MY arm! 🙂 I find that I am in better shape too. Those short bursts mean that my heart gets ready much faster, and when I walk the furbabies in the morning I could really tell the difference after less than 2 weeks of adding the bursts! Yay P90X3!!

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