P90X3 – Week 4 (Recovery Week)

This week marks the first “recovery” week of the P90X3 program.  However, I feel if one really focuses and takes this week seriously, there is no recovery going on as you WILL sweat!   There are also new workouts I’ll briefly talk about.   I actually enjoyed the week, overall.  So, here is my review.

“Isometrix” – Similar to X3 Yoga, but different at the same time. The premise of this workout is to stand, balance, stretch, bend and focus.  Now, Tony does say at the beginning, this workout brings the balance and coordination components out of Yoga, and he’s dead on with that one! Your balance will be challenged! Overall, I actually enjoyed this workout.

“Dynamics” – Basically, this is a stretching routine……with a lot of “umfff” added to it. Keep in mind, just because you aren’t moving around much doesn’t mean you won’t work and sweat. It was easier to follow than I thought it would be and the variations of the moved really helped. It’s a combination of lying on your back and standing up. Remember, this is 30 minutes of intense stretching and focus. Designed as a recovery workout, but in my book, far from recovery, but your muscles feel better afterwards.

“Accelerator” – I won’t keep harping on the fact of not a lot of coaching going on with these workouts, I think you get the point by now. The Accelerator routine is just that, it accelerates the heck out of your heart rate! OMG was this workout fast and hard hitting! I’m looking forward to when I can concentrate on the workout more so than what the moves are all about. Each move was 1 minute long with hardly any rest time between moves, which is fine, because…..well…..the 30 minute thing. Believe me, your quads will be on fire if done right and you’ll really feel that heart rate racing. Good workout!

“PilatesX” – I once did a pilates workout a few years ago and I hated it with a passion! After doing this PilatesX workout…..my mind has not changed one bit! Man did I struggle through this workout. It wasn’t strenuous, it was frustrating to me! Tony mentions that pilates is mostly about breathing, but I couldn’t tell (from lack of instruction….again) when to breathe in or breathe out. Oh, I’m sure there is a LOT more to it than the breathing, but I couldn’t get away from that aspect of this workout. Maybe after doing it a few times I’ll like it better.

“CVX” – Repeat of my previous weeks comments on this workout.

“X3 Yoga” – OK, I’ll admit, I’m starting to like this yoga routine more and more. That’s all I’ll say for now.

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