Was Rousey Prepared To Fight?

I’ve been thinking about writing this kind of post for a while and the UFC 193 event this past weekend turned up the heat and I decided to write about it.

By now you know, Ronda Rousey got beat by Holly Holm, but that’s not what I’m going to discuss today.

After the fight, all kinds of people came out and said stuff like “Ronda was too Hollywood and didn’t prepare well”, “Rousey didn’t take the fight seriously”, “She didn’t think anyone could beat her”….and so on.

My first reaction to this comments is Huh?  Really?  She’s the f’n champion and you think she wasn’t prepared for the fight?  This isn’t Rocky vs. Clubber here, this is real life!

I’ll give you that her game plan wasn’t as good as it should have been, but not being prepared?

Whether it be male or female, when it’s at the top level in the world at any sport, you can bet the champion will be prepared to defend.  Why?  Because that’s what champions do, they prepare!  Whatever you think of her trainer, he was putting her through the workouts, studying the films, doing what he felt needed to be done to get his fighter in the best possible shape she could be….period!

Sure she made movies.  Sure was on on talk shows.  Sure she was being interviewed every other day.  Sure she did this and that…..SHE WAS CHAMPION!  That stuff comes with the territory!  I truly believe if any of that took away from her training, she would have said “sorry, I’m training for my fight.  We’ll talk after the fight is over.”

In my opinion, was Ronda ready to defend her title?  Yes she was.
Did Rhonda do the work that was necessary to fight Holly?  Yes she did.

But, Holly had a completely different skill set than others, so preparing for that set of skills was the question at hand.

Yes, Holly made Ronda chase her around the ring, which I believe was something Ronda shouldn’t have done.  During this fight, it was obvious to me that Holly was MUCH faster than Ronda.  But it was also apparent that Holly wanted no part of Ronda on the ground.

For however it came to play, Ronda was playing Holly’s game, not the other way around.  Holly found the opening, utilized what she does best, and became champion.

But for people to say Ronda wasn’t prepared because she let success get to her head, or she was over confident, or too much Hollywood is total bullshit in my opinion.

For that night, Holly executed her game play better than Ronda executed hers.

I’m not saying one is a better fighter than the other, I’m just talking about being prepared for this one particular fight.  I feel both ladies were prepared, but only one can emerge as champion, and that’s what happen.

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